Buffalo Chicken Wings (6)


Jumbo all-natural, non-antibiotic wings with our house-made hot sauce. (6) -$12 (12) -$19 (24) -$35

Boneless Buffalo Chicken


Jumbo all-natural, non-antibiotic chicken strips with our house-made hot sauce. (6) -$10 (12) -$17 (24) -$29

Garlic Knots


House Garlic Knots with seasoning. Add Cheese +$1.50

Mom's Mozzarella Sticks


All-natural mozzarella cheese sticks dipped in our house batter and Italian bread crumbs and flash-fried to perfection. Served with marinara sauce.

Cheesy Flat Bread With Sauce


Served with marinara. Small -$10 Medium -$15 Large -$21

Gluten Free Cheesy Flat Bread


Thin focaccia style breadsticks topped with herbs, EVOO, and served with marinara sauce. Small -$10 Medium -$14

French Fries


Golden Crispy French Fries Add Truffle Oil + $3

Mom's Meatballs


Served with bread

Zucchini Friti


Hand-cut and battered fresh zucchini with marina sauce

Mom's Burrata


Fresh burrata, marinara, and basil served with garlic crostini


Large Pizza 2 Toppings (pick-up only)


New York style pizza with fresh hand shredded mozzarella, Italian crushed tomatoes, and 72 hour fermented mom's secret crust. Add more optional toppings to create your own masterpiece.

Small Pizza 10"


Included red sauce and hand-shredded mozzarella.

Large Pizza


Included red sauce and hand-shredded mozzarella.

Mom's Favorite


Mom's famous fluffy yet crsipy piza crust topped with mild JalapeƱos, Hawaiian pineapple house crushed fresh Italian tomato sauce, and 100% all natural hand shredded mozzarella Small $12Med $19LG $23

Garden Pizza


Red sauce, mushrooms, olives, onions, green peppers, garlic, tomatoes, spinach Sm $14Med $21Lg $28

Mediterranean Pizza


Red Sauce with tomatoes, onions, black olives, feta and mozzarella. Sm` $13Med $20Lg $26

Medium Pizza


Included red sauce and hand-shredded mozzarella.

30" Party Pizza


30" Party Pizza with red sauce and cheese. Feeds 16-20 people. Please allow 4 hours. WE apologize in advance for not accepting Party Pizza Orders on weekend nights.

White Truffle Pizza


White Truffles Sauce, Mushrooms, Spinach, Mozzarella Sm $16 Med $22 Lg $29

Meat Lovers Pizza


Pepperoni, sausage, salami, and meatballs Small $14Medium $21Large $28

White Pizza


White Garlic sauce with fresh garlic, spinach, ricotta, and mozzarella Sm $13med $19Lg $27

Margherita Pizza


Italian tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil. Sm $13Med $19Lg $25


***For Fresh Pasta Bowl: FreshĀ  pasta prepared daily. With your choice of pasta, sauce, and optional proteins.

Choice of Pasta:
Penne | Spaghetti | Linguini | Fettuccini

Choice Of Sauce:
Pomodoro | Garlic & EVVO | BologneseĀ  +4| Pesto +4 | Alfredo +4 | Arrabbiata +4Ā 

Protein Options:
Meatballs $6 | Sausages $6 | Chicken $4 | Shrimps $5 | Vegan Chicken $6

Signature Pasta Dishes
Add a Side HouseĀ SaladĀ +$5.00

Fresh Pasta Bowl


Fresh home made pasta with a choice of your favorite sauce

Wagyu Lasagna


5 Layer lasagna with mozzarella, ricotta, bechamel, Romano, parmesan and pecorino cheeses



House made fresh gnocchi with your choice of our homemade sauces.

Spaghetti WAGU Meatballs


Spaghetti tossed in our famous pomodoro sauce and all beef meatballs.

Penne Caprese


Fresh penne with basil, tomatoes, garlic, and fresh mozzarella

Vegan Primavera


House penne served with seasonal vegetables, garlic and onion and parsley.

linguini fruti di Mare


Clams, mussels, shrimps and calamari sauteed in garlic and served with fresh linguini in your choice of red or white wine sauce.

Wagyu Bolognese



**Best Seller** |Ā Stromboli: Add your favorite toppings forĀ $1.50Ā each Veggie Toppings: Mushrooms | Olives | Onions | Green Peppers | Pineapple | Jalapenos | Garlic | Spinach | Eggplant | Basil | Pears | TomatoesĀ |Ā Artichokes Meat Toppings: Pepperoni | Sausage | Beef | Meatballs | ChickenĀ |Ā Salami Calzones: Add your favorite meat andĀ veggieĀ toppings



SAN DIEGO FAVORITE! Fluffy 48 hour dough, house garlic sauce, mozzarella cheese and your favorite toppings rolled and baked in our 600 degrees hot stone oven to perfection and served with house marinara sauce. Small Stromboli $10Medium Stromboli $15Large Stromboli $21

Small Calzone


Pizza dough filled with ricotta, mozzarella, Romano, and red sauce

Medium Calzone


Pizza dough filled with ricotta, mozzarella, Romano, and red sauce

Large Calzone


Salmon / Citrus / Honey / Spice.

Meatball Sub


Meatballs, parmesan cheese, provolone cheese, and marinara sauce

Eggplant Parmagiano


Lightly fried and roasted eggplant, with marinara and melted mozzarella cheese Vegan Cheese +$2.50

Chicken Parmigiana


Chicken cutlet, marinara, melted mozzarella

Italian Sub


Ham, salami, Genoa salami and provolone cheese with lettuce and tomatoes. Served hot or cold


Add a Side House Salad (Optional):Add a Side House SaladĀ +$5
Salad Dressing when Adding on Side House Salad (Optional):White Balsamic VinaigretteĀ Greek DressingĀ Caesar Dressing

Chicken Parm


Chicken cutlet with marinara and melted mozzarella and a side of pasta

Vegan Chicken Parm


Plant Based chicken, fried golden brown topped with marinara and vegan cheese. Served with side of pasta marinara.

Eggplant Parm


Baked eggplant topped with marinara and mozzarella. Served with a side of pasta Vegan Cheese +$2.50


Add protein to any salad. Add Chicken $3.00 | Salmon $8.00 |Ā ShrimpĀ $6.00

House Salad


Field greens, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots, garbanzo beans, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad


Romaine, croutons, shaved parmesan cheese with Caesar dressing

Greek Salad


Mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots, garbanzo beans, olives, feta cheese and green peppers with lemon oregano dressing.

Pear Gorgonzola Salad


House greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, Gorgonzola crumbles, fresh pear slices with house balsamic dressing.


Our desserts are all homemade. Enjoy our BENDI Italian Tiramisu, hand filled cannoli, Mom’s famous brownies, chocolate cake and imported NY CheesecakeĀ fromĀ NY.

Chocolate cake


Dark chocolate cake with chocolate shavings.



BENDI is know globally for their all natural top of the line desserts. We are proud to offer imported tiramisu from Italy directly to our customers.

Flour-less Chocolate Molton Cake


Gluten Free Flourless dark chocolate molton cake. (Please re-heat for 20 seconds in Microwave for the ultimate flavor.)

Cannoli (3pcs)


Enjoy one of these hand filled flakey cannolis with filled with ricotta and topped with chocolate sauce.

NY Cheesecake


If you like cheese cake you will love our creamy, light and semi-sweet cheese cake from NY.

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